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Dave Ellis: About Dave

"Comedic sex rock."

From the moment he answers the ubiquitous question--"What kind of music do you play?"--Dave Ellis has you listening.

His concerts include comedy, sing-alongs, and a ton of audience participation.  His heartfelt, relatable lyrics, instantly memorable hooks, and fearless banter make every show fun.

Dave's first job after college was on a tropical island, as a sound engineer for Club Med resorts. A year later, on a whim, he moved to southern California--a hard-drinking, oversexed, highly sensitive young man with a credit card and a guitar.

A natural performer, Dave's cocky yet vulnerable stage persona and catchy, edgy songs earned him loyal fans and gigs at some of Hollywood's most famous venues, including the Viper Room, Key Club, Molly Malone's, and the Improv. A studio album, tour dates, and college radio play followed.

Dave lives with a sense of play and possibilities, which has led to adventures like getting a walk-on role on his mom's favorite soap opera, helping to raise thousands of dollars for charities through benefit concerts, and becoming a Jeopardy! champion.