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Dave Ellis: Songs!

I Just Turned 13

(Dave Ellis)
I didn’t ask your permission
You can talk but I won’t listen
I’m gonna do what I feel like doin’
I don’t need shit from you ‘n’ you ‘n’ you
I just turned 13, I just turned 13

There’s a new girl in school
I think Tommy heard her friend say she thinks I’m cool
I’m gonna ask her out as soon as I get the nerve
She’ll probably go with someone else though cause that’s what she deserves
Yeah she’s way too hot for me and I don’t play sports that good
Wait now she’s coming into shop class and staring at my wood
I just turned 13, I just turned 13

I’m gonna hang out with my friends and we’re all gonna drink
All we got’s the peppermint schnapps and triple sec from underneath the sink
We’re gonna pour it all in a bucket and mix it with some diet mandarin orange Slice and Dr Pepper
I just turned 13, I just turned 13

I asked Suzie to go steady with me
My older brother could drive us to the movies
We saw a scary flick but that chick wasn’t frightened
She dumped me for a sophomore who already had his license
I just turned 13, I just turned 13

I got a date for the big school dance with the only girl in class that has tits
This is my big chance I’m gonna make the most of it
I swallow thirty-nine tic tacs so my minty breath won’t quit
And I comb my see through mustache to cover my brand new zit

I know I don’t look good I check the mirror anyway
Surprise my ears are too big and it’s another bad hair day
I’m gonna lock myself in my room and not come out till June
Don’t worry about me though, I’ll be forgotten soon
It might not be so bad if everyone didn’t hate me
I’ll have more fun by myself anyway especially when I’m masturbating
I just turned 13, I just turned 13, I just turned 13