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Dave Ellis: Songs!

The Best Part Of My Day Is You

(Dave Ellis)
I take my backpack walking down the street
And I say hello to the people that I meet
Sometimes they look, they’re looking at me funny
But I don’t care, I’m happy and it’s sunny
I go to the store and I buy a little supper there
But not too much, cause I don’t have any tupperware
Well if my life seems fun, it’s true
And the best part of my day is you

I come to your work and I bring you a sandwich
Whole wheat bread, mustard, and ham with
Cheese and a little blue bag of ruffles
Not the Big Grab but for you, it’s enough
And then I leave and I write another song
About you and me got a party going on
And times are great cause I focus on the positive
And I have everything I ever wanted
And my life is good, that’s right, it’s true
And the best part of my day is you

I spent a lifetime hoping someone cute would learn to love me
Now I wake up every morning and I know you’re thinking of me
I can be your person, baby, you can be my person, too
And if I haven’t made it clear, the best part of my day is you

Holding hands as we go to the movies
We don’t get snacks cause we just had smoothies
We put that armrest up from in between us
One more kiss, we don’t care who’s seen us
The movie’s over and we both leave smiling
Pretty good story and not a lot of violence
I’m in the mood for making out
And so are you so we go to your house
Well I’m in love and you love me too
And the best part of my day is you
The best part of my day is you