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Dave Ellis: Songs!

Came Around (feat Carrie Turner)

(Dave Ellis)

Would you wait for me if I was running late?
Would you think of me if you needed a date?
Would you share your wine if I was feeling down?
Would you make room if I came around?

You said you like me but I don’t know what that means
I feel like I’m in high school and we’re both in our teens
Maybe you could clarify to save us both some time
It’d be a lot easier if you could read my mind

I would wait for you if you were running late
I would think of you if I needed a date
I would share my wine if you were feeling down
I would make room if you came around

I want to talk to you cause I tend to overthink
We got our morning coffee now but I could use a drink
I meditate and self-medicate to help myself unwind
You said to relax me - I got something else in mind - okay


We can uncomplicate this--are we just waiting to kiss?
Cause I’m good at that, let me show you, let me know