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Dave Ellis: Reviews

"so adorable"

"hilarious and brilliant"

"Beneath the macho bravado lurks a brutally honest portrait of a sensitive and vulnerable young man"


"His songs make me smile, giggle, laugh and wish for all things good and happy in life. Because he sweetly and hysterically captures what is awesome and sometimes annoying about relationships and growing up in general, they fill me with joy and delight."


"Finally, an album you can listen to straight through without skipping any songs. You will want to listen to every one of them, which I do pretty often...More importantly, this record will straight up get you laid."

-Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs)

Listen to the audio here: soundcloud

On his debut album, Drama Per Orgasm, singer/songwriter Dave Ellis offers a refreshingly candid, genuine perspective on sex, love, and relationships, as he takes on the real world with heavy doses of humor and hope. From fan-favorite sing-alongs like “Songwriter” and “Get The Hell Out”, to the brash fun of “I Just Turned 13”, to the playful intimacy of “Came Around” and “All The Words You Say”, Ellis has captured his cocky yet vulnerable persona in 14 songs that leave you smiling, singing, and eager to see him on stage.